Monday, 10 March 2014

Business Owners Beware!

If you are being contacted by companies demanding payment for some advertising publishing they say you agreed to several months ago (especially if the related publication is for charity) you may be suffering from what is essentially a scam call. (Usually booklet or wallchart)

SCAM: National Crime Prevention Booklet
I had a call today from a man who said :
” Hello sir I am calling on behalf of the Police”, “We are calling just to say thank you for supporting our latest campaign which I am pleased to say has been a success”
When I asked which campaign he said “The National Crime Prevention Booklet”,  So I asked him the name of his company and he said “I am calling from The Police”, I asked his name he said “PC Dawson”, when I asked where exactly was he based he said “The Editorial Department of Cheshire Metropolitan Police”
I said that sounded odd and asked him for his phone number and he said: 0845 556 7800
I then said If I call that number would I get through to him, he said “No you will get someone else” he then put the phone down.
I rang the number out of curiosity and its a made up number and does not exist.
SO BEWARE – They are now even pretending to be the police.