Monday, 23 November 2015

“Taxi Marshal” plan for Nantwich Swine Market rank

A “taxi marshal” could be employed to crackdown on late-night problems around Nantwich’s taxi rank, police have suggested.
Nantwich officers are hoping to copy a scheme used in Chester and Newcastle-under-Lyme.
Many of the late-night problems in the town centre occur around the taxi rank on Swine Market where scores of often drunken revellers gather.
In one incident at the weekend, a man caused criminal damage to the nearby Nantwich Civic Hall. CCTV images are being used to try and trace him.
Now plans are being discussed to employ at least one ‘taxi marshal’ between 1am and 4am to stop anti-social behaviour.
PC Matt Stonier told Nantwich Town Council: “One of the issues is around the taxi rank, and we are exploring the idea of a taxi marshal.
“We’ve discussed this with landlords and Pubwatch members, and there is concern that violence and problems at the rank is putting people off coming out.
“These licensed premises feel the taxi marshal is a good idea, as do the Street Pastors.
“Newcastle-under-Lyme is a very similar night time economy to Nantwich, they have it in place there and it appears to work very well.”
One issue would be how the taxi marshal scheme would be funded, which would likely run on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
“We may look at licensed premises contributing towards it,” added PC Stonier.
“But that’s back to the night time levy debate.”
The aim would be to employ a qualified doorman between 1am and 4am on the taxi rank to ensure revellers were able to wait and access a taxi safely.
“For the sake of £45 a night on those nights, in my mind it is money well spent.”
Another idea being considered is the use of barriers along Swine Market to keep revellers in order when waiting for taxis.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Benefits; £22-24k + On Call Allowance +Bonuses + Company Vehicle + Smartphone. 

We are a family run NACOSS GOLD ACCREDITED Company, 28 years established. Work will consist of planned and corrective maintenance and the installation of electronic security systems. Primarily Intruder Alarms & CCTV. However, experience of installing and maintaining other security systems would be a bonus (IP Networking, Fire and/or Access Control systems). 

Applicants must have at least 3 years relevant experience in one or all of the above disciplines and a proven track record within the security industry. All engineers will be required to carry out on-call duties on a roster basis. 

TO APPLY PLEASE CALL 01270 879593 or send your CV to;

Deadline Date: 2015/06/30

Salary: £22,000 - £24,000

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hatton Garden raid: chances of recovering losses 'very limited'

Victims of jewellery heist gather to discuss next move and are advised to hire a lawyer, but do not intend to sue police
A hole bored through the wall of a vault in the Hatton Garden raid. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

A group of victims of the Hatton Garden jewellery raid have been told that the chances of recovering their losses are “very limited”.
Twenty-five people, some of whom have lost their livelihoods, gathered on Thursday to discuss what action they could take, after a gang of thieves ransacked 72 safety deposit boxes over the Easter weekend.
The meeting took place at the London Diamond Bourse (LDB), a trade association based near where the burglary took place at the Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Company in London’s jewellery quarter.
Harry Levy, president of the LDB, said afterwards: “I was very pessimistic when I spoke to the people who have lost everything. I said that the possibilities of recovering money are very limited in this case. You never recover money from these big robberies.”
He said some of the dealers who attended the meeting had been uninsured. “A lot of them claim they have lost their livelihoods,” he said. “I said that they would have problems getting a fund going to recover money because we are regarded as unworthy individuals – it’s not like a natural disaster where they’ve lost the roof over their heads and they haven’t got any money to buy food.
“But eventually some of them will find they have lost the roof over their heads because they won’t be able to meet their mortgages, they can’t trade any longer.”
Asked whether the victims were considering legal action, Levy said he had advised them to form a committee and consider employing a lawyer and loss assessor.
Police have offered a £20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of all those involved in the raid and have released images of the Hilti DD350 drill that was used to bore a hole into the vault wall.
Scotland Yard is reviewing why officers were not sent to investigate an intruder alarm set off there shortly after midnight on the Friday. A call was received by the force’s computer-aided dispatch system from the security company, but no police response was deemed necessary.
Levy said it was “not our intention” to sue the police, who he said had been “very cooperative”.
He said he had “absolutely no idea” of the value of the goods taken. People were “past the stage of being upset”, he said, but were annoyed that it had taken so long for the police to allow them to visit the crime scene and to give them a definitive account of what happened.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Playing the blame game with sex offenders

If we called rapists and pederasts losers instead of villains, would this be more of a deterrent?

‘Pirates don’t mind being called pirates.’ Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. Photograph: Allstar

We all detest the rapists and pederasts, the disgraceful priests and choir masters, Jimmy Saville and the stinkers of Rotherham and Oxfordshire who maltreated schoolgirls – in fact the whole cohort of those who molest the naive or the vulnerable, especially the young, and not just those who are girls.
As things stand, some of those who rape or exploit vulnerable girls or boys are rightly despised, and only the odd psychologist thinks they may be unfortunate as well as vile. But what I can’t help wondering is whether the way most of us instinctively react – denouncing the rapists and pederasts as villains we see as fit to be whipped – may not necessarily be the deterrent we think it is.
Pirates don’t mind being called pirates: they run the Jolly Roger up the mast and boast about the numbers who have walked the plank. To put it simply, bad men don’t necessarily respond penitently to being called wicked, violent, disgusting. But suppose the approach was not “You bloody villain” but “Oh you poor, sad loser”: that might be a deterrent.
Apparently the Crime Survey of England and Wales found that teenagers were most likely to think rape victims were largely to blame. Is it possible they wanted, far more than their being denounced as a rogue or a villain, to exonerate sex offenders from the pathetic shame of being unable to turn anyone on?

Friday, 6 February 2015

Burglars jailed after series of Nantwich and Crewe break-ins

Two cousins have been jailed for 70 months for a series of break-ins across the country, including in Nantwich and Crewe.
Kindred crooks Scott and David Simkiss (pictured) teamed up to burgle several homes – but also went alone on some raids.